Frequently Asked Questions.

So, you have decided to get married, you have announced your chosen day to family and friends. Your venue(s) are booked, the caterers, flowers, stationary etc, are all in place. To make the day that extra bit special, you have decided to find out about engaging the services of a toastmaster. You have spent hours on the internet trawling through so many websites, possibly speaking to people you know who have used a toastmaster in the past, and finally you have found someone who fits the bill. Listed below are the most important questions you should ask, along with the correct answers. These should be asked at the first contact.

What is the role of a Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies? If you are thinking of hiring the services of a toastmaster please ensure that he/she has been trained. Your toastmaster should be skilled in the art of people management, and also have excellent communication skills, thus keeping you and your guests informed throughout your day. Toastmasters will make announcements as and when required to. Your toastmaster will ensure time schedules are adhered to and all decisions made by the hosts are implemented.

A key element of hiring the Kent Toastmaster is my ability to take the pressure from others. I will work very closely with your other suppliers including photographers, videographers, bands, guest speakers, the venue, catering managers and anyone else involved in your big day. I will ensure everyone is working to the same time-scale so that your wedding or other function is a success.

What’s the difference between a Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies and a Hotel Rep?

A Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies is employed by YOU to manage your event for YOU. All toastmasters wear a uniform and wearing his uniform always adds pomp and splendour to your day. His focus should always be on you and your guests to ensure everyone is having a wonderful time.

The Hotel Rep is employed by the hotel to carry out a range of responsibilities including organising drinks as well as the kitchen and waiting staff. This prevents them from dedicating too much of their time to you because of their other responsibilities to the venue.

How long will the Toastmaster stay at the function?

The length of time will vary with each function, if for example there is a church/Temple/Synagogue service you may wish your toastmaster to attend, Please check with your chosen toastmaster if this is something they are willing to do. The Kent Toastmaster will always be willing to attend. If you are having a civil ceremony, I will arrive at least one hour before any of the guests to ensure everything is in place. This will also enable me to help with button-holes and corsages as well as assisting the Ushers in seating guests as they arrive. The Kent Toastmaster is willing to stay to the end of the evening to introduce the last dance if required.

What are receiving lines?

A receiving line is just one way of introducing the guests to dignitaries or the bride and groom. A toastmaster and master of ceremonies, through their experience, knows how, when and in which order these should be announced.

Why choose me?

I have been trained to the high standards in the profession which provides you with a seal of quality service and professionalism. I do not drink alcohol, or require a meal when working for you, I do However feel that it is imperative that you are confident enough to allow me to work on your behalf. I would recommend that you contact me so we may discuss your requirements for your special day. It is only then that you can you make an informed decision regarding hiring my services. Whatever your decision, I wish you all the best for the future

How soon should I book my Toastmaster?

It is recommended that you book The Kent Toastmaster as soon as possible. As I provide a very skilled service, there is always a high demand for my services.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance? 

Toastmaster’s, like all other suppliers at your wedding should carry PLI. The Kent Toastmaster is covered for £ I would also recommend that you have your own wedding insurance.

Do you have testimonials from previous satisfied clients? Can we see them?

Most Toastmasters’ have, and are very proud of the testimonials they receive from clients. If yours does not, ask why. The Kent Toastmaster carries copies of testimonials for prospective clients to view, and can also arrange for you to speak to previous clients, should you so wish. I also have a small selection of testimonials on my testimonials page.

Have you had any training?

Anyone can buy/Hire a red tail-coat and call themselves a toastmaster. The Kent Toastmaster has received training to the highest standards currently available within the profession. Which I believe still fall short of the training that is required to do the job properly. Each wedding is unique, and should be treated as such. 

Did you pass your training? Can you show us a copy of your qualifications?

There are no officially recognised qualifications for toastmaster training. Some organisations will present toastmasters with worthless qualifications upon the completion of their training, (Actually these are just certificates to show you attended the training course) which quite frankly are pointless.

Is it better to hire a toastmaster who is a member of an association? 

Not at all, you should choose a toastmaster based on your own judgement. do you feel a connection? what would they provide for you as the client? I was a member of the biggest association for toastmasters but left as I considered their ethos feel woefully short of my expectations of what should be provided to the client.

Will you meet with us before our wedding day?

Your toastmaster should offer to meet with you at least once before your wedding day. The Kent Toastmaster will meet with you as many times as you see fit, to ensure that all details (no matter how big or small) regarding your day are covered. I am also contactable 24 hours a day by phone or e-mail.

Can we sit you by the top table for your meal? Would you like red or white wine?

Most toastmasters consider it a perk or indeed will have it written in their contract to be wined and dined at a function, WHY? If you are paying them to do a job, how can it be done if they are eating the same meal at the same time as you and your guests? The Kent Toastmaster does not eat while working for you; I will be attending to your guests, ensuring they are being looked after, and circulating with the guest book if you have one. I also do not drink alcohol while working for you. This unfortunately is not across the board within our profession. Even some associations that claim to have a no drinking policy have members who still drink at functions. This is not how I wish to operate. I believe drinking while working gives toastmasters a bad name, and prevents some from performing their duties to a proper standard.

How much do you charge? If we asked you to stay till the last dance or attend our wedding rehearsal, how much more will it cost?

The cost of hiring a toastmaster can vary quite dramatically, Anywhere between £175.00 & £750.00 and up. Please note: Cheap isn't always bad, expensive isn't always good.


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